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    Quote Originally Posted by nihil View Post
    Hi m3rk3r,

    Can you tell me why it would be 6GB? I am afraid I mostly deal with desktops, and obviously those are all I build. Since windows 7 came out, I haven't built anything with less than 8GB dual channel.

    DDR3 I would guess

    DDR2 preferred twin matched sticks
    as it worked on both +ve and -ve cycles hence the 2 pipes mentioned in specs

    DDR3 = 3 pipes ?
    and likewise would therefore prefer 3 matched stickes to utilise

    and as for
    36 bit address bus back in the mid-1990's
    wasn't going to be in many private machines though
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    Every Intel 32 bit processor since the Pentium Pro has a 36 bit memory address bus.
    Now days the memory address bus is 64 bits wide in current micro processors.
    There are several other (older) processors that are 128 bit processors.
    The Matrox G400 is called a 256 bit processor.

    The real issue is what defines the generic name of X number of bits in a processor - memory bus, data bus, instruction size, numeric precision, ... They've all been used to define a processor. The earliest microprocessors had an 80 bit floating point processor.

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