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    Cisco 2610 ADSL to CenturyLink?

    Can anyone confirm that a Cisco 2610 with an ADSL WIC would work to use instead of the service provider equipment? I've seen some sample configs around the net but I don't see anyone talking about doing this. I'm sure there would be minimal speed gains but I'm looking for ping times to decrease from a Motorola 3347 (currently doing ALL jobs- modem/router/switch/firewall) to something a little more heavy duty that can handle the load.

    I have a couple APs to hook up to the network at home too so that I can maintain wireless access through the property. For a switch I have a 2950T. I'd ideally like to make a guest wifi network and VLAN the switch so that the private subnet can't talk to the guest network.

    Anyway enough daydreaming- has anyone seen this setup with an ADSL WIC for home use? And if so what kind of speed is realistic?

    Thanks in advance. :-)
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    ADSL = ADSL So it should work.

    Throughput is probably a bit better with professional equipment compared to your garden variety consumer routers.

    Keep in mind that VLANs aren't a security feature, it was created for performance reasons.
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    I use a D-Link DIR-855 router with wireless at home. I selected it because of its dual band and extensive ACL capabilities. It can also run 4 separate wireless SSID's. Two of those are for guests that do not have access to the local LAN.

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