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    Hosted vs. SaaS security for enterprise?

    I'm new to this forum. Wanted to get some perspective. I was reading a white paper. I'm evaluating enterprise security and threat prevention now so could use some advice out there. Are there other white papers worth reading? This white paper talks about obvious benefits of SaaS like reduced onsite admin but I'd like to learn more. Please share your past experience on evaluating, demo'ing, and implementing SaaS security for enterprise.

    Are there other white papers or sites to connect with folks that have implemented for enterprise?

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    **Moderator NOTE**
    I have removed the url that was included in the above post, as it lead to a cpa landing page trying to squeeze personal info before you were able to view/download the mentioned whitepaper.**


    I feel there are reasonable Question/Answer's that can turn this topic into something of relevancy. So i have approved the post and will be watching this thread closely.

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    given your edit details, the OP is just a spam agent
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    sigh , I wrote such a nice reply and foxy killed it for me
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    Apologies to Foxy and Cider. Misunderstood this site for a forum on infrastructure security. Perhaps I should have went to a DNA lab to verify my existence as a human before posting. Seriously, I stumbled across this forum as I'm doing research to upgrade an outdated network security as we've been vulnerable to attacks. Intent of my initial posts was to connect with other network folks that implemented or find reference for good research or sites. I'm about to help make a decision for a major investment for my fortune 1000 company so posted a link to a white paper to give reference to what I'm looking for. Ease up. More folks would be willing to contribute and posts if you knock off this communist censorship. Best forums have a more open format and let the community bubble up the good posts, discussions and content to the top. Try it. You may be surprised by the increased interactivity. Anyways, I'll stop writing here as after the moderator reads this point, he'll support my point by deleting or editing this post. Way to go communist and silence the community and someone trying to learn.

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    Foxy is our resident skeptic and from time to time gets a little over zealous

    But, sites like ours do get spammed to death…. So there’s a fine line there…until we get to know new members better.

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    Don't know about Fortune 1000 security, but i do know something about a much larger companies security. It uses security, that just isn't in the current market for the private sector to purchase. Some of the larger features that I think is in the private sector is BlueCode (I'm not currently sure where the site would be found for this, i did a little searching but wanted to finish the post and couldn't find it.) Though what it does is mirror off a port on the backbone switch, generally coming off the internet, and grabs all current user sessions and can do statefull packet inspection on it. Making sure that all IA's are doing there scans and are pushing out patches through WSUS & SCCM. You also want to make sure if there are policies are in place that everyone is trained on them, such as if you don't allow personal laptops/flash drives/hard drives in a specific department (R&D?) the IA's are doing qTip scans to make sure that the policy is being kept in place. And thus locally hosted is the best, you don't want to be connecting to an outside network to be scanning your servers. When you can physically lock them inside your sever room. Having a hot site if a disaster happens, and the company is needed around the clock is a must. Even if the site is warm, and backbone infrastructure is currently implemented.

    Though there is a good chance i am biased, and want everything done in house, rather then putting things on the cloud. (As much as i like cloud based software, its not exactly safe from a security standpoint.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by parasant View Post
    Snippity snip snip snip.
    1:> The link you posted was masked via bit.ly

    2:> It re-directed to a CPA landing page, It asked for enough personal info before you were able to view/Download the whitepaper. Info that i'm not willing to hand over to just any website.

    ( For those whom don't know what a CPA landing page is this site will pretty much sum it up:> http://cashtactics.net/01/14/cpa-off...age-setup.html )

    3:> The url that i was finally re-directed to has been flagged by Chrome site advisor. You know that bright red page that appears when your attempting to visit a malware/phishing site etc etc
    So that alone gave me enough reason to remove the url.

    4:> Have a nice day.

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