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    Edit bad scanned texts

    I don't know how much it makes sense to you guys but it happens a lot that you have either a scanned text or a picture of the text which does not have a good quality.

    It has a possibly dark background and the text fond is not as continuous and colorful as you expect (you know what I mean like badly printed pages by a cartridge which needs cleaning!!!)

    so I know a Photoshop expert can probably get over it but is there any handy easy-to-learn tool that I can use for this purpose? I have so many pages like this ....

    Or if you are a graphics expert, is there any simple steps I can do to make it better like reducing or increasing something special like contrast or whatever? I played around it for a while but didn't solve it ....

    or in other words, a simple way to whiten the background and darken the fonts...

    Thank you
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