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    Privacy Policy / Terms of use

    Hello everyone

    Got a small issue here, maybe someone can help me out.

    I have recently opened my own company in the cosmetics sector. What we do is import and distribute. The country I live in now, and the company location is in Lithuania (its in the EU for those who don't know).

    I am in the process of making a website (basically the site is more about information, pictures, and about various products such as soaps, bath items etc...). This site might in the near future do the following things:

    - Cookies for tracking of country of origin
    - I will be collecting emails from people who sign up/contact us using the contact form
    - I will be collecting the names of the people who sign up/contact us
    - There will be NO e shop, so no CC numbers etc...
    - Some of the products need attention, for example if soap goes into the eyes, etc....

    Now, my problem is... Ive come to the point in the website creation where i need to create a privacy policy, a terms of use etc.
    I have no freaking idea what to write in there. I found some on-line generators which create these pages for me by asking me questions to fill out and it will fill them in for me. The problem however is, that all these generators are based on US laws or UK laws (California act of this or that etc). However i am in Lithuania (EU27), and need to write it for our location here. The only solution i found so far is to get a lawyer to do it for me, but i can not afford to pay a lawyer now for information regarding some text for 2 HTML pages. Google did not help me find any templates for my location either, not to mention that some want $700 which i refuse to pay.

    Any ideas or help would be deeply appreciated. Maybe someone has done a website privacy policy or terms of use policy in a Baltic country and would be willing to share it with me?

    I need to get it in English for the time being, and later I will translate it to the other languages as soon as I add other languages accordingly to the website.

    Cheers everyone.
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