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    Increasing Digital Noise..?

    Is there a way to increase digital noise imprinted on a digital photograph?

    Say some rat is walking around the office. Some employee leaves a sensitive document up on their computer while getting coffee, and the rat snaps a photo of it with his iPhone.


    Just wondering if I could increase the noise in the picture, but still have it be readable to the naked eye on the monitor.

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    The first thing you'll want to do is remove the EXIF data. As for noise, programs like GIMP have noise generators which are random enough. Save it to/through a bunch of programs and formats, scale it up and down, and do some crops and what not and you'll probably be good.

    As a note: very few adversaries have the capabilities to find out the device that took a picture after you remove the EXIF data and scale it down.

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    If you are on the other side of the street, there is nothing you can do to a display to prevent a readable photo of it other than preventing recording equipment such as cell phones and cameras from entering the facility.

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    Seems to me that the question is rather like banging your head against a wall and taking aspirin for the headache?

    My answer would be:

    1. Instant dismissal.
    2. Access control and scanning for illicit electronic devices.

    Also, if you use a recent version of Windows you can easily bring up a password protected screensaver when you leave your workstation?

    Hell, where I worked you had to log out, power off and put the removable HDD into an MoD approved locked cabinet.............. you soon learned to bring a kettle and percolator


    I think that I see where the idea has come from?....... I am sure that somewhere (probably on a 486) I have some anti-TEMPEST fonts. These were supposed to thwart TEMPEST remote surveillance of CRT monitors because they were somewhat blurred and apparently very "noisy".

    Well, that technology goes back to b&w TVs and reel to reel tape decks, and I do not believe that it is relevant today.

    I'll go with ua549, if you can read it, so can a camera.............you have to look at other security measures like restricted access and securing sensitive information when not physically controlled by security cleared personnel.
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