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    I wasn't sure about it when I first heard about them, but when I used one, and we now have one, I LOVED it. You can listen to net Radio on Wireless, while reading or playing a game, or checking email. It's nice.

    I still like REAL books though.

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    ill be getting one end of the year, too many books too read .
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    I recently got HP TouchPad for reading my pdf. I had to do lots of comparison between kindle and other ebook readers and came to conclusion that HP Touchpad will do the job for me with its 9 inch screen. Its quite good in rendering pdf but you cannot search inside the pdf.
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    I got a Kindle 3G, it is pretty good. Because I can have free 3G internet access anywhere around the world. But in terms of reading using the Kindle, I mainly use it for reading books which don't have syntax, such as source code or commands illustration. It is so hard to read on the Kindle, I also prefer reading technical stuff on my PC, and use the kindle for novels, because I use the function which Kindle read out to me. It make anyone crazy if you have to listen to a programming book.

    Also I haven't bought any books from Amazon Kindle store. I normally download a pdf, and covert it to EPUB format. Which is what the Amazon kindle's format is base on. After converting, I plug the kindle to my pc, and move the EPUB files to the kindle. Then voila, it is now even have the kindle reading out to me function.
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    kindle,...i just luv it..!

    I love my Kindle because of the convenience and ease of reading. I had a habit of putting books aside because of the size of the print or weight. No longer an issue. I also like that I can carry a variety of books in a device that fits in my bag. No worries about running out of reading or not having what I'm in the mood for.

    My biggest dislike is that I can no longer share books with others...but I solved some of the problem by getting my mother a Kindle.

    I don't miss paper but I don't like contributing to the demise of the brick and mortar stores because I still love nothing more than browsing a bookstore at lunch. SoI find myself buying more cookbooks and magazines so I feel better.

    Originally I thought it was way overpriced...but since I find myself spending less and reading more, I can easiy justify the cost (as long as I can hold off on upgrading for another year ).

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