Hello All,

I am just in a middle of some very strange problem,

I am using Cisco WAP 4410N for Wireless Access and its connected to our Sonicawall firewall. It uses our sonicwall DHCP for IP Address leases ( for mobile devices). Usually, we don't allow DHCP over our network. PC are assigned IP addresses manually but for mobile devices sonicwall DHCP is being used. Now, I have a situation when I come to office early morning my iphone doesn't connect to Wireless and its not just me all the other wireless devices doesn't connect (as they are unable to get IP address from DHCP). I had to restart the Cisco Wireless Router and than all the mobile devices get there ip addresses and everything seems to working. I tried to search this problem over the internet but with no success.
Does anyone having idea as what this could be.

Many Thanks