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Thread: Tablet's

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    and obviously my reply is decades too late. anyways, THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE!

    is there anybody here who knows how do I GET MY SIGNATURE bdw? thanks.

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    Need 10 - 15 posts first.
    Then in the top right select settings.

    Edit signatures is in the right pane.

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    Hello, lady_repair_KIT, and welcome to AO

    I am glad that you resurected this thread, which I had completely forgotten about.

    I now have a netbook and a NEXUS 7 tablet (both by ASUS)................

    The netbook is Windows 7 and the tablet is Android 4.2.....................I guess that I prefer the netbook, as it behaves like a "normal" PC.................

    However, the tablet is ultra portable.................



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    Now recently i have purchased one tablet for my personal use.and my lucky smart phone is Samsung Galaxy Note 2 , my tablet computers having sport touchscreens ranging in size from 7- up to 13-inches. These dimensions are by no means static, and boundaries can be blurred as smartphones get larger displays, a la the 5.5-inch Samsung Galaxy Note 2.almost i am using my tablet for play games and internet browsing.

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