Hi Guys,

I have recently built up a new BES 5.0.2 on Windows 2008 R2 64 Bit.

BES installation went well, and i have added a test user to it.

Issue is that when they to go browse the web via the Blackberry browser, it prompts for proxy authentication. After entering the username/domain/password it tries to request the page and then after a while comes up saying "The server returned the following error: connection timed out" on the handheld.

all proxy mappings were configured the same as per our BES 4.1 SP6, which works correctly using the same credentials for the Blackberry Browser.

I removed the Proxy mappings on the BES 5.0 server and then allowed direct internet access, and the Blackberry browser worked.

One slight difference i noted is that in the browser on the BES 5.0 registered device there is an additional icon in the top right near the reception indicator, it is a white box, with two green boxes either side of it. Clicking on it gives info such as Host: UID etc..
The BES 4.1 registered device does not have this icon within its browser.

Any ideas where to start looking on this issue?