I'm having a very bad problem, and this is on one of my boss's work computers. Somehow I managed to get stuck with the Hello4 virus that acts as a 2012 Windows scanner. I've worked with many other viruses before that controlled my computer but this one won't let me do ANYTHING! Not even in safemode!

When I go into the computer with safe mode (both internet and not) I try clicking on firefox, won't load, system restore, won't load. All I get is a quick pop up that ends up being "hello4" or "blank window"

I've looked through several of the threads where people have the same problem, and I'd love to be able to use the solutions, but the question I have, is how in the world can I use any of these virus scanners if I can't even bring up firefox to even get to the programs?

Is there any other way?

Thanks a lot.