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    Wireless router issues

    So I recently got mediacom internet because it was supposed to be the faster than the one I currently had. However I have had issues with my wireless connection to my macbook. My desktop pc works just fine and has NO issues with the internet, but my macbook can only load certain pages i.e. google will load and search results will not, youtube will load but videos won't load, facebook won't load, etc etc. I have called and had someone take a look and all they told me is to buy a new router. I did this and purchased a apple airport extreme. The router works fine at my friends house and so does my macbook, but when I try it using my internet I have the same issues. Is there anyway to solve this issue because I am becoming very frustrated with this.

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    I have moved this post to its own thread as it is obviously a completely different issue.


    Does your friend use mediacom as well?

    What happens if you have the Macbook 6" from the wireless router?

    Can you/have you tried a wired connection (Cat5/RJ45)?

    Have you tried moving the router and Macbook to other parts of your building?

    Did the Macbook work OK with your previous ISP?

    How does the router connect to the internet ....... for example is it via a telephone line or cable connection?

    Does the desktop use the same router?

    Is this problem consistent at different times of the day and days of the week?

    It almost sounds as if your Macbook is picking up some sort of interference peculiar to your location?
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    check the dns settings on your macbooks wifi interface. My first thought would be that perhaps it is still using a domain name server that belongs to your old host.

    As you are no longer a customer, they may be limiting you in your access if thats the case. Make sure its set to "Obtain manually" or manually set an OpenDNS ip, or an ip set like (Fast and Public)

    It definitely sounds like a DNS issue to me though. So you may want to investigate all such avenues. The fact that google and youtube loads their home page, and not their unique content, implies to me that you are accessing cached data thats on your computer... nothing new is being looked up

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    That's an interesting thought.

    Over here (UK) if I took a laptop to a friend's and hooked up to their router it would work just fine.

    If I took my router and connected it to his telephone line it would take a while to sort itself out with the ISP, but would then work OK. It would, however, need setting up as a new piece of hardware on his ISP account. It would not work with my credentials as the telephone line is wrong.

    OK, I can have mobile and mobile wireless accounts & equipment, but the basic "home" or static offerings are tied to your account location.

    I would have given the ISP a hard time by now, but luck with getting through their first line support.......................

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