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    Need Help, Thanks fellow members of AO

    I created a "small website" for a company here locally in my area. Only has 4 pages (homepage, doctors, location and contact us. It is a free website as of now that i made using the wix.com editor and that is where the website is free for the world to see but has a long url name. I need some information like who should I host with? Also, the people do not want any hosts where they are "tied into a contract or anything like that".

    They want to be able to cancel at anytime. I'm just wondering once i register the domain name www.somename.com then do I upload the file(s) or how does it work exactly? Meaning, as of now my site is visble for the internet to see however you have to go to wix.com/myname/mysite <---for example, but they want it converted to a real domain name (www.somename.com)so how do i go about doing this? And I don't have any files directly on my computer they are all on wix.com site. I have never done this before as you can probably tell and just need as much help as possible. Everything was done a windows 7 computer, it has a little flash because that is how wix.com does it... anyways, thank you guys for all your help it is greatly appreciated...

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    heya Computernerd22,

    heard that google is offering free website hosting. i think its something like www.site.google.com

    will search for it more and let you know if i find something.

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    Register the domain name via namecheap.com & get some hosting from Bluehost.com

    you want to upload the files into the public_html\ directory via the webhost's cpanel.

    namecheap domains are usually 10$ yearly, while bluehost webhosting is 5.95$ monthly, or you can purchase a full 12months worth at checkout.

    you will then need to apply the nameserver info that Bluehost give's you into your namecheap control panel, that way your domain will know were to point to.

    Or you could even just bulk purchase the domain name & webhosting from Bluehost.

    the above mentioned google webhost bussiness has certain restrictions and you need to meet a pre-determined criteria to be accepted into the program. Being only a small/fresh website i would think you may get declined??
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    Oh , how I was in the same boat.

    Basically you can get the name registered at the hosting company which will be abit easier than registering it yourself.

    Here is an old forum post: http://www.wix.com/support/forum/oth...nother-account

    I think you can just upgrade to wix premium and still use their service?
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