Wouldn't this be simpler to just say "People who run Unix don't have to deal with Viruses much, yet still do something about security" and go from there? I mean, I've got a bunch of Linux and BSD boxes on here, and I don't just install and let it go, I lock them down. Just because I don't need AV software doesn't mean I don't need security.

So, basically, what I'm saying is, it would probably be a lot simpler to look at what Unix admins do since they don't deal with AV really at all, yet they still manage to secure their networks.

Actually I'm not sure WTF I didn't just ask that at the start since it makes sense. I don't have even one use for AV software as there really aren't many viruses running around on FreeBSD or Slackware these days, but I do use my own Security Policy and tools to manage to not become a Zombie or slave, so, given that to me, AV software would simply be something to make my system load a little higher, I could take what I do to keep my machines locked, and then translate all that to Windows, and you'd have a START.

Anyway, Merry Christmas everyone. I'm sitting in here my brand new FreeBSD Tee shirt, with my two issues of BSD Magazine, and a BSD Hoody Pull Over, and I just finished putting PC-BSD 8.2 and FreeBSD 8.2 into my brand new FreeBSD CD Case. I didn't just get BSD stuff but I did get a decent amount of stuff from there. I just added a new FreeBSD Case Plate to this machine's Case this morning, along with some FreeBSD stickers I Like Stickers. If you need proof, do a search of posts made by me, and my first experience with SUSE Linux lol.