Do anyone ever try to put an end to a web site via the Restricted Sites options in the Internet Options + the Security Tab + Restricted Sites?

I asked because there was once a time I entered a website's address into that security zone, and subsequently visited the site to see how it works, and to my interest when I viewed the page, the graphic images were unreliable and unable to see. But then at another instance I tried to restrict a site and test it to see if the results would be the same, and it wasn't. Unfortunately, I can't remember it it was the same computer, the same operating system, or the Internet Explorer and it should have worked.

Is not a Security Zone, is a envronment where security is the number one factor of activity?

If you restrict a websites in the Restricted Sites security zone on the Security Tab of Internet Options in Internet Explorer, does the website you enter there suppose to function normally, if at all after applying it? If so, Internet Explorer can be better for internet users who are seeking to get rid of unwanted websites that are uneeded on the internet, primarily pornoghraphic websites.

Can somebody tell me how we can stop pornographic website on the internet?

Wouldn't it be cool if you enter web addresses into the restricted sites security zone, and the security zone delivered a stop to the web server housing the webpages? Primarily Pornograhic Webservers?