I'm gonna ask a simple question here, as I probably should have just done this in the beginning, but now this has gone from me simple saying "My Dream Machine is something they don't make anymore" to defending the Company period, which is a little silly.

But, today, I've now slept, and I can think. So:

Nihil, if you could have ANY Computer, what would it be? Would it be something brand new and shiny from today? Or would you choose something that may no longer be made now?

I stand by saying SGI, not as a Company, but the Computers that have that logo on them, are the best. My SECOND dream machines, are a tie between Alphas, and OLD Suns. I wouldn't want a Sun from today because Oracle are screwing them up. Oracle has basically taken Sun, an amazing Workstation maker, founded by Bill Joy, an amazing Hacker, and just pissed on them.

However, we can still buy old Suns, because they're well made in general, so, between Ebay, and second hand markets for Computers, you can get machines from years ago, and not have to pay much for the most part.

By the way; If I could get an Alpha, I'd want an Alpha Workstation running Tru64. THAT is a nice Workstation too.