Hello everyone, this is my first time on this forums and I have a list of some questions I would like to ask this community, because I cannot seem to find my answers online (Google).

** If possible... I would like most (if not all) of my questions below answered before the end of the 1st week of January 2012.

I'm trying to create a more secure environment for my PC and personal data to prevent any hackers from accessing my data.
Some things I am doing to better secure myself:
-- Desktop computer (not mobile... so no worries about Hard access)
-- Clean OS install
-- Using Norton Internet Security 2012 (w/ custom security settings)
-- Using Windows XP Pro (SP3)
-- Using a Limited User account at all times (prevent system access)
-- Disable (completely) Guest account through register/group permission tweaks
-- Disable all windows remote access services
-- Disable other windows services with known exploitations
-- Using TrueCrypt encryption to encrypt my entire OS partition so no temporary data written to HDD is left unencrypted.
-- Using TrueCrypt encryption (and Windows XP built-in encryption) to secure Swap/Page partition.
-- NO dual boot system (just how TrueCrypt prefers it for system encryption I guess...)

Now... here are the questions:
#1) I have also disabled the CMD (command-prompt) program from being accessed from my limited user account. Is it still possible for "remote" hackers to still load viruses onto my system (with SYSTEM level access) without access to the command line?

#2) I have also disabled the RUN command line (through admin group permissions) from the START menu for the limited user account... does this help prevent any "remote" hackers from gaining SYSTEM level access?

#3) I will be using a completely sandboxed browser (like Dell KACE Secure Browser) to better protect myself. Does anyone know if malicious programs/viruses can still get through this line of defense?

#4) Is a "remote" hacker still able to gain SYSTEM level access with all the precautions taken above?

#5) I know all data on raw RAM is left unencrypted (including the encryption key). If a hacker is able to gain SYSTEM level access and leave a Rootkit on my system... will he be able to read Memory Dump data WHILE the OS is still running?

#6) Are there any other precautions I should know about to better protect myself and PREVENT viruses from gaining access to my system in the first place?

Again, I would like most (if not all) of these questions answered before the end of the 1st week of January 2012.

Thanks in advance!