Hi all, I'm new to the community, so please excuse my noobness.

I currently have several PCs that require access to my wireless router, and I need to know what all I need to do to better secure them (from the ROUTER side).

- I have a 2Wire router from ATT.
- I am using WPA2-PSK (AES-256) encryption
- I have MAC address filtering enabled

I have no idea how/what to set my other security settings for this router.
I'm not a security (let alone wireless) guru, so any help would be appreciated.

- Wifi Protection Setup (WPS) = disabled ... no idea what this does
- SSID Broadcast = enabled ... I'm told this should be off... should I?
- Firewall setting = "Disallow unsolicited inbound traffic"

Not sure what else I can modify...
If someone could list some things I should do, or some really useful websites/articles, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks in advance.