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Thread: WiFi vuln.

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    WiFi vuln.

    Something Interesting i happened upon, figured i'd post about it.

    Disable WPS if you can, guys.

    Strictly speaking, the vulnerability lies within the "WPS – PIN" part of the WPS specification.. but since this is the section of WPS that allows connections WITHOUT physical intervention at the access point itself (in the form of pressing a button) - it's more than just theoretical.

    HERE - via Slashdot..

    "When the PIN authentication fails the access point will send an EAP-NACK message back to the client. The EAP-NACK messages are sent in a way that an attacker is able to determine if the first half of the PIN is correct. Also, the last digit of the PIN is known because it is a checksum for the PIN. This design greatly reduces the number of attempts needed to brute force the PIN. The number of attempts goes from 108 to 104 + 103 which is 11,000 attempts in total,"
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