Its been a verrry long time since I have posted on this site. wayy too long.

I have gone from Geeksquad to a NOC Tech for Applied Systems, insurance software company. A+ certified. Net+ certified.. I have been busy.

I will preface this post, with the knowledge that I am on patron. Happy New Year all

I have been thinking lately.. about WPA cracking.

I want to crack a WPA key via bruteforce. I have a few Nvidia CUDA compatible gpu's to work with as well.

But I would also like to see how long I can with something much smaller. Such as a netbook.

The key complexity I will be working with.

Password: 10-digit Numbers only.
SSID: Known - WPA keys are salted. to speed up the cracking time I will test a scenario where I know the SSID in advance.

If anyone has any good tutorials please link them.

One thing specifically I would like to test, would be crack time via brute force vs crack time with a database of precompiled keys.

Is it even possible to setup a bruteforce program to use a pre-compiled database? Or maybe something more simple like just a text or xml file that has the keys within.

It has been awhile since I have done anything in the security field. Its the new year, I want to take the winter and have some fun.

Those of you that want to just post "This has already been done" dont bother. I will still attempt the process myself just to have that satisfaction.

Thank you all for the read. Again, Happy New year!