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Thread: Is Truecrypt compatible with DeepFreeze ?

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    Question Is Truecrypt compatible with DeepFreeze ?

    I was wondering if anyone knew if Truecrypt is compatible with Faronic's DeepFreeze Standard.

    I've been looking around the web, and so far haven't found this answer.
    The fact that you're creating a locked partition makes me wonder, because Truecrypt should be the one controlling the boot settings for your encrypted partitions...

    Also, if anyone has ever used Deep Freeze before... is it possible to freeze your OS partition while your swap/page files are on a separate partition?
    I know Truecrypt allows you to load system fav partitions (IE swap) with the OS boot partition.


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    #1: I have no idea because I don't use Truecrypt. In theory it should work, as DeepFreeze is just imaging/mirroring, and doesn't care what the actual data are. Truecrypt should kick in later...............but I don't know it

    #2: Yes, well, if they are on the same drive at least. I seem to recall that it also works on separate drives, but can't guarantee that these days. Unless, of course, both drives are frozen?

    #3 I have no idea how this stuff works with solid state drives.

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    Okay... I have slightly different Qs about Deep Freeze itself (haven't tried the program yet)...

    #1) When I start with a fresh computer, and I set my OS partition as 50GB, can I create a D: partition as 50GB (left un-formatted), or does it need to be NTFS formatted? It neither are the case, will the program auto grab 50GB from unused HDD space instead?
    The reason I'm asking this, is because I want to keep my partitions as:
    p1 = swap/page partition
    p2 = blank temp partition (used for daily use by deep freeze)
    p3 = primary frozen OS ... (to maintain maximum performance of #2).
    p4 = Data partition

    #2) Will Deep Freeze run correctly, with the page/swap files as a different partition, only keeping the main OS (w/o swap) frozen... and running the temp partition off the same swap partition?

    #3) I think there's a defrag option within the Deep Freeze program Does it defrag the frozen C: partition, or the temp partition (I'm assuming C)?

    Hmm... I might have a few more Qs, if I can't find the answers on the web or on this forum.

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