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    Question Firefox + Private Browsing + No Cookies = issue?

    Okay, this is strange...

    I'm currently using Firefox 7.0.1 with private browsing enabled, and all cookies (including 3rd party) disabled.
    Yet... I'm still able to log into this forum and make the posts and stuff the usual way if I were to enable to cookies...

    Thought you couldn't do that unless you stored cookies into cache... or is there some kind of hidden session cookie I'm not aware of being stored in my browser cache?
    I'm not using any of the privacy add-ons I should be using ATM.

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    FF "Private Browsing" mode sux..

    all the private browsing mode does is Sandbox the current browser session so that once you close/exit out of the browser everything will automagically be deleted and un-viewable/traceble etc etc

    ie website's you visit, urlbar entry's ie: bigboobies.com and pr0n video's you may or maynot view.

    your able to still login as your still able to get a session hash, it's stored in the sandbox and once you either logout or exit the browser session it will then get automagically self destructed.

    the 3rd party stuff here is just the geo-location / analytics / and advertiser stuff that the owners run to remote keep tabs on the forums monthly performance quota.

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    So in other words run all browers with this?
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