Hmmm, fair enough. I don't think we meant to alienate anyone I was just pointing to the fact that after install XP and going online to do windows updates I haven't been infected. To be honest I don't think my next next skills are different from anyone else.

Funny side note; This is the same person, who, once I fixed it, wouldn't pay me the money I charged on multiple occasions, and after the second time, I got mad, and said "OK, pay me what you owe me, or I will grab the contract you signed when you told me to fix it! Remember Matt? When you said I need it fixed, I said sure, told you how much, and you signed a contract stating you'd be pay me. It also states if you don't I can take an action I deem necessary to ensure you pay that amount, or more".
I was always wondering if I should start up my own IT story but then I read this ... I already fight for my salary I don't want to have to do it everyday!

dredogol: here are some links for your reading if you are going to stay on XP. > this is a must. if however you dont want to do it then please install this:

Also, as Nihil said, your best bet is to get a completely up-to-date XP box and then image it.