I'm trying to find 1 last set of programs for my rig, and that's a good HIPS/IDPS.

I currently have NIS-2012 (which I guess you can consider a form of IDPS), but I need something else in case that fails.
Proactive, or just a monitor... I need something else to monitor hidden processes and see them, or manually control their execution.

Here are some I've found so far...
- SystemSafeMonitor (SSM)
- IceSword
- EQSecure
- WinPatrol
- DynamicSecurityAgent (DSA)
- Fortego's All-Seeing Eye
- ProSecurity (PS) ... I can't find this anywhere, anyone know where I can DL it?

- Any other program not listed...

I know some of these use hooks or heuristics to try and find the pesky ones, but I'm mainly looking for a "recent" program that works well on Windows XP.
As I said, it can be an active one, or a passive monitor with just alerts.