Alright guys, I'm going to be offline for the next couple days now, because my NIS-2011 just expired and I have to get this PC off the internet ASAP.

I still need to burn my programs to use for later tonight, and backup a few more files to my external hdd.

I also need to DBAN my 3 HDDs I have here, then install a small OS to run SMART scan on all 3 drives without using RAID setup.

Hopefully my RAID drives are all still running smoothly...
But I've been hearing an occasional single "click" from one of them every now and then (prob head parking) which worries me!
Haven't been able to run SMART on them because they're on RAID setup.
My 3rd HDD is fine as far as I can tell from my last SMART test.

After that, install WinXP (raid-0) with SP3 and all my hotfix and get her up and running again.
I'll also need to install VirtualBox and run my internet through that rather than my host pc.

I'll let you guys know when I'm done.

Wish me luck.