Digital Forensics Challege (DC3)
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    Digital Forensics Challege (DC3)

    Anyone get involved in these?

    I did a few last year and just started this year, some easy stuff in there, but also some fun exercises if you are interested in digital forensics.

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    The annual DC3 Digital Forensics Challenge is a global, online competition comprised of individual, progressive-level,digital forensic exercises. The purpose of the challenge is to promote and generate interest in digital forensics,establish relationships within the digital forensics community; address the major obstacles and dilemmas confronting digital forensics investigators and examiners; and develop new tools, techniques, and methodologies.

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    Owing to current fiscal uncertainty DC3 will not conduct the 2014 DC3 Digital Forensics Challenge - the 2013 challenge will likely be our last. We thank you all for your tremendous support over the years.

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    Why is it that my instincts tell me that kathrinbono is a bot?

    The big problem with computer forensics is legal systems. Most court participants just don't understand IT?

    Also there is the question of the "smoking gun" You might prove the machine and the IP address, but how do you prove who was using them at the time?

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    Quote Originally Posted by nihil View Post

    Also there is the question of the "smoking gun" You might prove the machine and the IP address, but how do you prove who was using them at the time?

    That is what judges are saying now and some are throwing out of court, the RIAA garbage.

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