Hey Gang,

I am at my wits end and in a hell of a bind right now...any help would be very, very, very appreciated at this point.

The issue in a nutshell is that I have 2 internal subnets that will not communicate properly and the client needs to get to their systems behind the new subnet range.

Access to the main LAN segment from outside is not a problem...I have them connecting via VPN to a Cisco ASA 5500 and they can access resources on the Internal 10.x.x.x network without fail.

There is an existing Netgear Firewall/Router with a primary LAN IP Address of and a Multi-Honed IP of From the Netgear interface I can Ping all the systems behind it on the subnet and I can also Ping all the systems from the Netgear to the Network.

The Netgear firewall connects to a Switch that is assigned (the gateway of the internal PCs on the subnet)....this is transparent at this point and not an issue.

The problem is I cannot connect to the systems on from any system on the Network or even ping for that matter....the Cisco ASA sees the Netgear Firewall and is able to ping on both ranges as well. I can (obviously) get to the Netgear IP of from the main LAN.

I really, really, hope someone can provide some insight on this...I have tried quite a few solutions and I just cannot get it to go.....my window to get this done is just about closed and I need to figure something out by Monday.....I also cannot re-ip the systems on the 192 subnet as they tie in to production machines and to stay as they are.

Please, please, lend a hand gang......Thank you so very much, I would be more thankful than you know on this one.....