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Thread: Android Scareware

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    Android Scareware

    This is an interesting article. I bet we start seeing a lot more of this...

    This web page never ‘finds’ malware on a SIM card but messages, calls, apps, browser history, storage and system files have threats, malware and are remotely accessible.

    If the user clicks on the link, they’ll be asked to download VirusScanner.apk, which is currently detected as Trojan-SMS.AndroidOS.Scavir. If the user is using a non-Android device, they’ll be asked to download VirusScanner.jar currently detected as Trojan-SMS.J2ME.Agent.ij.
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    Cant find the link but read there were thousands of trojan infested apps on the official market alone.
    Most of them in "fake" av scanners and the likes.
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