Q about GPEdit and Software Restrictions
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Thread: Q about GPEdit and Software Restrictions

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    Q about GPEdit and Software Restrictions

    Alright, I tried to enable software restriction policies on my system:

    Enforcement = All Software & All Users (except admins)
    Security Levels = "Disallowed" by default.

    This worked just fine, until I fired up Firefox after I did this.
    After the policy change, my browser disabled my Norton IPS/Toolbar and WoT extensions.
    When I return the security level to "Unrestricted", everything worked just fine.

    Anyone know where I can make some rule exceptions?
    If it's a program exception, I think I can manage, but since it's a plug-in, I have no idea where to look for it.

    This is my first time doing these type of restrictions using GP.
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