Hey Folks,

I am trying to figure out a weird issue for a friend's dad. He has one of the HP all-in-one computers running Win7. Kind of a wannabe iMac. Lately his DVD drive has been crapping out, giving the error code 39. I found some stuff online talking about lower and higher settings in the registry, disabling AV, etc. [he uses kaspersky] But while I was looking around, he found a tool from HP that is supposed to fix any errors with the drive. He ran that, and it started working again. The weird part is that if he shuts his computer down for a bit, and then starts it back up, the drive is gone again. If he just restarts the computer, it stays loaded.

I know I am not providing very much info, but I haven't actually looked at it yet. Just seeing if anyone has any ideas before I head over there.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.