Long time no post, hope to get some of your great expertise again.

I have a laptop, Dell 6500 series. On it is Windows 7 x64 encrypted with Symantec Endpoint Encryption.

Ran into a problem where I'm getting beeps prior to windows loading. What I mean is, at the encryption logon (pre windows) it beeps once when I hit enter, three times when I hit tab to enter information into the fields. This just started happening, and I've had this laptop for almost a year now without this issue.

Had a similar laptop have this issue as well. Here is what I know:

1. It follows the drive. If I put the hard drive into another laptop, the new laptop beeps preboot, so its 'software' somehow even though its pre-windows.

2. It does not appear to be symantec causing the beeps. I've worked with their support a little, and have made no progress there.

3. A fresh install of windows then reloading the encryption fixes the issue. Again, its something on the hard drive.

4. Disabling sound in windows, disabling default beep etc, have no impact.

5. Nothing in Bios looking helpful, Tried updating and factory reset to defaults, beeps still persist.

I'm really trying hard not to reload my system. It will correct the issue, but I have a LOT of programs to install for work (tech support) and I'd rather not format just for some annoying beeps at encryption logon.

Thank you for any insight!