In the past I used to think that FireFox was badly designed because it appeared to leak memory like a sieve. Now I suspect that this is intentional, presumably to make it appear quicker?

Right now FF is taking up 700MB of RAM on this new laptop, but it has 8GB of DDR3/1333 so that doesn't matter.

For the past few weeks I have been using an Asus eeePC netbook as both my production machines died on the same day


Intel Atom N570 1.67GHz dual core with hyperthreading.
5400rpm HDD
4GB SD card running ReadyBoost
Windows 7 Starter
2GB pagefile

After about 30~45 minutes the thing will slow to a crawl or worse with 95+% RAM and 50% pagefile usage, and the culprit is FF.

I installed some FF addons that seem to have reduced the problem, but make FF run much slower and pause the machine every now and then whilst they retune FF.

I shall have to look at alternatives.......FF is now up to 720MB and all I have been doing is typing this!