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    you mentioned Google
    then didn't actually USE it :P

    MicroSoft [in Europe at least] have had to put up a screen with all the 'best' alternatives to IE listed in a random order


    bunch there I have never heard of, but also got me using a lot of differing ones too, and it is evolving too, different names compared to when it first arrived
    HAVE to use IE as I support that when I work
    but choice is always a good thing
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    o_0 , nice link Foxy. I dont live in the EU so you will have to forgive my ignorance.

    Going to try out those less well known ones
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    Chrome: it's fast and stable.
    IE: traditional giant
    Firefox: lots of plugins you can add to it.
    360 brower: no any outstanding features.

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    To browsing the web-page, we need the browser software .I know that there are many number of the browser like Firefox, Internet Explorer , Google chrome, opera etc .
    In the my opinion , the Firefox is suitable of the everything . It takes a very less time to open the web-page.It has the many functionality as compared to the other browser.
    Thanking you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by qbob219 View Post
    Chrome: it's fast and stable.
    IE: traditional giant
    Firefox: lots of plugins you can add to it.
    360 brower: no any outstanding features.
    I use Firefox extensively for maximum tabs and even private browsing.

    IE I use just to update Windows.

    My issue with Chrome: It relies extensively on disk cache. Open 25 tabs within it, it will slow down as it tries to load those in disk cache as you switch tabs. It may ultimately hang.

    With Firefox, you can open two browsers with 75 tabs in each and experience no problem unless your RAM is less than 2GB.

    --just my personal observation.
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    Opera has been doing tabs the right way for a long time. I stick with it.
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    ive been using comodo dragon alot havent had to many problems with it thinking about trying firefox again i love the syncing future in comodo and chrome as comodo is based on chrome architecture ,i am a lil nervous about my info being on cloud especially with Google give comodo a try
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    i am using dragon internet browser other than mozilla for SEO, you can try it if you wish, thi shas the extra features of google chrome...

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