Hello All,

I am currently working in a network maintenance team. I was exploring ideas about making the system bit more productive. Currently, we use distribution lists to share information inside the group (technical). But the issue comes when some member or director misses the email and we also looking for storing all the information in a format which could be later used as well. e.g. we are working on a specific part of a network , all the technicians and stakeholders have been notified, all the concerns could be in threaded view and if some technician came across any problem all the other share there insights, problem resolved and project finished. Now, some one in other projects came across such problem he can refer to the same thread and we can see what other problems were there in previous projects.

I can use open source forums for this functionality but like if I need to make stakeholders (specific) and certain teams which needed to be in there in that project.

how will I do that. It would be like forums, team management and project management.