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Thread: nortel switch and VoIP

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    nortel switch and VoIP

    My knowledge is very limited when it comes to switches I have a Nortel BES 120 that Iím not using. My problem is I have a computer in the back room that I use for network storage and I have a Magic Jack for VoIP calls. Problem when Iím using a bit torrent program to download on another networked computer the VoIP quality drops to where I almost canít use it (there is about a 5 second delay at least). Can I use the switch and set up Qos say on the port that the VoIP computer would be plugged into so solve that problem.

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    Yes, you can set up independent QOS\Traffic Prioritization in the Nortel per Port; I guess the question is are you familiar enough with that particular Switch to access the Console and\or GUI? It is a very straight forward procedure once you can get to the config settings. I might also suggest to you simply limit the Bit Torrent Bandwidth from your BT Client....that would be a very quick and dirty solution with basically the same end result. One way or the other, you will need to take a Bandwidth hit somewhere.......let us know how it goes.
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