Greetings Everyone.

As part of the "Make AntiOnline Cool again" quest the owners of AO have added/allowed previously denied additions to now be enabled.

So i figured i'll start a thread that way everyone whom didn't already know about these 2 feature's will now be in the loop.

1st up all users can now have images appear in there posts. Either by having the images remotly hosted ie: Photobucket or even attach them using the in-house attachement management when creating a new thread / post.

The images will now be displayed without having to click a link etc to view it.

For example

2nd new feature is that "Hide Text" has been bought back. Yes us older members will remember that feature that could be used if you were posting a spoiler for a newly released movie, or you just wanted to post something naughty.

well to use this new feature all you need to do is wrap the wanted text with the [spoil] [ /spoil] BBcodes

for example if you click the "Show" button it will show my "Hidden Text"


If there are any questions / comments regarding these 2 new features ask away.