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Thread: Samsung attempt at cost cutting? Or a cunning fake?

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    Samsung attempt at cost cutting? Or a cunning fake?


    I spotted these images posted on another website, i must admit i did have a good giggle.

    Packaging looks legit:>

    I feel sorry for the poor sodd whom buys a desk from IKEA spends hrs attempting to set it up, only to find 2 bolts missing.

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    OK, so we have 320G and 500G external HDD caddies.............. standard USB connection and DC external power supply connection................ what the hell are the two bolts for???????????????? There appears to be four small screw holes to secure the cover?

    Apparently there are fakes on the market

    I find that interesting, because if the little lemon chappies are prepared to rip eachother off then the DOJ, FBI, MPAA and RIAA might as well go home and take up crochet. It does something to explain why they went for NZ rather than HK, even though HK is where Megaupload's HQ is/was.

    Nice to see the gunge making a comeback ....... I remember when it was used to attach the cover CDs/DVDs to computer mags.

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    Now I know why there is NO Warranty.
    HK$80 = US$10.32 Does that include shipping?
    samsung 2.5 hdd
    價錢 HK$80 原價 : HK$120 更新: 2011-11-06 09:54:12

    no warranty
    usb 2.0


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    Quote Originally Posted by nihil View Post
    what the hell are the two bolts for????????????????
    Perhaps to add weight? Was this being sold as a spinning HDD, which would weigh considerably more than the SSD that is hooked up?
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    To screw the customer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ua549 View Post
    To screw the customer.

    You're a "nut" lol.

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