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    Windows 7 memory leak

    Hi guys,

    Running win7 x64 and this past week I have left my computer idle for some hours and started noticing some degraded computer performance when i wanted to use it for basic office stuff to gaming.

    What I have found is that I am sitting at 3.5/4 GB of ram. So my first check was to see if anything was eating it and there wasn't. The list just didn't add up (yes i checked on all users).

    I did some research and find sites that tell you to disable prefetch, superfetch etc but didn't make a difference.

    On boot it sits around 1.2 and slowly creeps up, there is no noticable program I am using that is causing it so I am not actually sure now.

    On closer inspection I have seen the nonpaged memory jump from 50 to 2200 (as I write this post) , I have tried to search for this but cant find any site that tells me exactly why its sky rocketing.

    There is the argument of windows caching stuff but if I had to open up a large app , it would have very poor performance right now. It seems like windows is not letting go of "cached" memory when i want to utilize it.

    I have only recently had this problem, never before or did I not notice it, highly doubt that. I have also changed my pagefile size from customer 1.5 X to windows managed. All apps updated.

    Anyone with any experience in this , please let me know.



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