I have a Dell Vostro 1500 series laptop running Windows XP. It does not load into the splash screen I have to hit F8 to get the "safe mode menu and the other different options to appear" no matter what option I choose it still says the following file is missing or corrupt vgaoem.fon it tells me to insert the windows XP disk and run the repair option. Problem is my friend doesn't have the disk. I ran diaqnostics on the system:

Here is the output: cables - hardware pass
system - system tests pass
hard drive DST

test results fail
ERROR CODE 2000-0146

I believe the hard drive is no good in the laptop. I don't have an extra external drive to test this. What I do have is a Windows Vista 32bit cd that came with my Dell I was wondering if that work. This is a clients computer that needs to be up and running. Al helpis greatly appreciated.