So I open this program with Ida and there is this string "security option" which is kind of like "License not found" ... so what I do is to double click on it and go to the IDA-View A and see the address which is:

.rdata:0057F5C4 aSecurityOption db 'Security Options',0 ; DATA XREF: sub_4E5830+2Co

In the next step I go to the Olly and look for 0057F5C4 but the last address is 00567FFF

Also I cannot find this "security option" string anywhere in Olly!!!!!!!!!
So my question is that what is wrong here? Why do I not have the same address in Olly?

I have other questions as well but I'd rather leave them for another time after I find out the answer to this one

THank you so much