Hey people
I've started to face an unusual problem lately. I have a 500Gig Samsung SATA HDD. I've partitioned it into 4 partitions -

c: - 50Gb - OS
d: - 149Gb - misc data,setup's
e: - 100gb - documents
f: - 165gb - music,video,movies and other media

I'm currently running windows 7. I have a core2duo pc with 2gig ram.

Now, whenever i access f: manually, the computer gets hanged. Say, whenever i open f:, the pc starts scanning the drive for contents, and then gets hanged. Initially, the window gets hanged, but other open aplications work, and after say 30 seconds(the time is an assumption), everything hangs. After that, the only option left is reboot. Also, when i reboot after that, cmos does not detect the HDD. I unplug the SATA cable, and then replug it, and only then the HDD becomes detectable.

If i try to play the media using the windows media player, the system doesn't get hang. But, sooner or later one needs to access the drive to copy new files, or delete some.

I tried disk defragmenting, but nothig helped.

This problem is with f: only. I face this problem in windows only. I tried with Ubuntu live cd, and the drive works well. Googling didn't help. Am still unable to get what is this problem basically - hardware or software.

So guys, help me out. Need your suggestions asap.