as a person that doesn't know what to believe,what are your thoughts on various religions pushing religion down peoples throats? ,ive had a personal experiences with this in the past i was down on my luck and homeless looking for something to give me a measure of hope ,i had one of those fundamentalist baptists come up to me , got me to go to church, they kept pushing me to be something i couldn't be ,when i was honest about struggling they didn't take me aside and listen and give advice they put me front and center so the pastor could give me a fire and brimstone sermon ,with that said ,my philophy always has been let god change you don't push people into something they arnt ready for or don't want,i was thinking about the crusades and other things done in gods name having read the bible all the terrible things done in his name the new testament speaks out against, but enough of that i wanted to give yall some background so yall would understand part of the reason i asked this and to give my opinion to get this conversation started