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    The Possesed Mouse

    I have a Dell with XP. I'm above a begginer but below Intermediate when it comes to computer issues.
    Recently on my desk top menus will pop up on their own and the cursor will run from top to bottom at rapid speed on all of them. If I click a clear space on the desk top it stops momentarily but then resumes it's evil trick.When reading pages, the back buton takes over is this something I can fix if someone walks me through it or should I take it in and what do you think the problem is?

    Thanks you
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    Hi, and welcome to AO.

    You say that this has started happening "recently"?

    The two most obvious causes are:

    1. A joke or prank program
    2. Problems with your HIDs (input devices)

    Depending on what it is, you can usually turn a non-malicious prank off by clicking in one of the screen corners...........try top left first

    Scan in safe mode with an antivirus product such as Avira, and be sure that it is set to do an in depth scan, and to detect jokes and potentially unwanted software. I also think that Malwarebytes would at least report jokes and pranks.

    You don't say which model of Dell, but as you are running XP I will assume that it is a fairly old one with two PS2 ports? The question is, are you using a cordless connection (wireless or infrared) or a wired one?

    If you are using a PS2 connection then I very much doubt if you have a hardware issue. If it's USB then try changing the USB ports and, preferably, the controller (one controller usually serves the back and the other one the front + expansion brackets).

    If you have a wireless connection, then it is possible that the infrared receiver or wireless dongle are on the way out. Try with a USB/PS2 keyboard and mouse. Also, try the receivers in different USB ports as already mentioned.

    Does this happen if you boot into safe mode?

    I know that there are other possibilities but I will go for percentage player and try the most likely first.

    Speaking of which, if you are using cordless HIDs, the first thing to do is to replace the batteries

    Good Luck!

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    Fine!! It was me. I admit it.

    I hooked the GetCursorPos() api and reversed the left and right mouse buttons.

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