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    ATX Form Factor?

    As we all know, the ATX form factor for motherboards has been around quite a few years.

    Then we got the "mATX" or micro ATX, I suppose that's what it means?

    Well, I am sitting here on a wet Sunday afternoon, assembling a full ATX form factor tower machine.

    The MoBo is a Gigabyte Z77D3H and looks to be the usual decent design that I am used to from Gigabyte for their inexpensive products.

    It is intended for Core-i processors, and this one has an i-5 3570K, which is the third generation "Ivy Bridge".

    Intel supplied a stock cooling solution with the processor, but unbeknown to me, Gigabyte had a promotion going with this board and I received a cooling solution about half the size of a house-brick!

    So, I am looking at the board and figure that with the 92mm fan in place the Arctic Cooling Professional 7 (Rev.2) will just about clear the G-Skill Ripjaws memory sticks.

    But what is this weird mounting between the processor and the first PCI-E 3.0 slot?

    "mSATA Intel Smart Response Technology" wtf?

    Some sort of new SSD tech it would seem ($300 for 256GB)?

    Now..........to the point of this post (at last)

    The cooler will certainly eclipse this mSATA mounting, just as a decent video card will eclipse two of the three PCI x1 slots, and a second card would eclipse one of the two PCI slots............

    Perhaps it is time to look at a "megaATX" format? as there just doesn't seem to be enough room on the current form factor?
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