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Thread: Forum Dead?

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    Forum Dead?

    What has happened to the forum? Somebody get shot and killed here? Government indictment?

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    We still have you The_Spec, your all the entertainment we need.

    i still think they should bring back ri0t3r & nightfalls_girl i sort of miss watching those 2 bicker about this that and everything else.

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    Stop acting like a bunch of girls, Nihil was answering your questions and you got extremely rude.

    Can you not act like an adult.
    The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it.
    Albert Einstein

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    Where & when is the Neg train happening ?

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    Oh? Where did you get "an 11 year old version of Windows"? I have XP in a VM.
    Windows XP was released in 2001, it is now 2012 which makes it 11 years old.

    If Vista hadn't been such a flop XP would have been retired years ago.

    Microsoft products do not evolve; you buy one then wait for the next version, which may or may not work OK. All you generally get in the meantime are security patches and bug fixes; even the "service packs" are mostly cumulative versions of patches and fixes already released.

    In the case of XP they did activate the Windows firewall by default on installation; they also made it more aware of SATA drives for installation purposes, but apart from that just patches and fixes.

    It is commercial software after all, and they make money out of selling new versions, not enhancing old ones.

    Unless you can get a copy free and have the IT equivalent of a death wish, I would give Vista a miss.

    Windows 7 is the current version and is very good. Windows 8 is still a bit of an unknown quantity, as the last beta wouldn't load on machines that didn't support hardware security features. The previous two did with no problems.

    I would advise against trying the beta on a production machine, as it certainly doesn't support traditional multi-booting (even with other Windows versions!). In theory it should work in a VM, but I sure as hell don't trust Microsoft that far in a production environment!

    I know that the Linux community is working on this, but all I have really heard of so far is a commercial development from RedHat/Fedora.

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    lol I havent been banned.....then again I do dip out before $hit hits the fan

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    Just West of Beantown, though nobody from Beantown actually calls it "Beantown."
    I, also, have never been banned.

    ...just sayin'
    That's Officer 11001001 to you...
    Now you see me | Now you don't
    "Relax, Bender; It was just a dream. There's no such thing as two." ~ Fry
    sometimes my computer goes down on me

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    Well guys, I have been banned twice.............and that's only by myself ............

    Remember when we had that big update from the old hacked version of vBulletin?............well, like other mods I had a couple of test accounts............. or the site might well have fetched up with only mods

    The only way to get rid of them afterwards was to ban them?............. it would not have been good security practice to leave them there IMO???

    Anything else and I take the Fifth.............

    And that's a fifth of Seagrams, before Aaron asks

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    I haven't been banned. And I had the balls to stand up for The_spec back when it was so un-popular to do that it COULD get your ass banned. So I guess that can't be the reason. Poster must just be a douche bag. Poster, do you find yourself made of cotton, and very absorbent in nature?

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    Sombody say nightfalls_girl?

    Now that's a blast from the past.

    But I'll tell you what happened to this forum...

    Drey and Mel left.

    Since then No One has been banned for flurting with Mel

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