Just cracked my XP password file, and was shocked at how quick it was. Admin almost immediately.

But I don't understand a couple of the accounts.

Now Administrator is obvious. But when I go to ControlPanel|Users it does not show Administrator. Is this because nothing about that account can be changed? (I am from the Linux world)

I am seeing Guest, and John says no password, and Users says the account is disabled. But I want to delete the account and XP won't let me. Why?

Then John finds another account that seems to be invisible: HelpAssistant. It has a long complex password, but WTH is it and why doesn't it show in Users?

Another invisible account is SUPPORT_388945a0, with NO password. What is this? This is disturbing.

And finally there is my user account. In Users it is showing as having admin privileges, but when I try to change my account type "Limited" is grayed out. How can I change my account type?

Do I have to edit the registry with the system shut down to do the things I want?