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    Ummm..... Coffee Cup..... Tell me.... HOW THE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?>>?????? OMG!

    Dude, I sat on Google one day for literally an HOUR looking for just ONE verified Picture!


    OK, just so it's "Verified" while I nut myself, PLEASE reply, and give details as to what you have now posted to this thread, which, because of that, I'm now going to make sticky.... And then I'm gonna make it a sticky at the top lol.
    It wasn't that difficult to find.

    I've seen the actual machine in person ( Well not the machine in the picture i linked to). I should still have some very very old polaroid pictures laying about someplace.

    *Edit & Off-topic*

    Allen your right, after further research it appears that we have 2 charlatans amongst us... There posts read like a Wikipedia entry.....
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