Hi people

I am just wondering does anyone know how to launch a link from an Outlook client either 2003, 2007, 2010.

I have tried using HTML Code and Imbedded onenote documents I have even tried attachments such as PDF's. But for some reason shortcuts don't work.

All I want to do is for example

\\%PrintServer%\%PrinterName% this doesn't seem to work, however if you go start from say a XP sp3 client

Start > Run > \\testprintserver\test1 - this would install the printer test 1. I know this can be done via scripts, but for quickness and for the user's convenience I would like them to be able to launch printserver to install any printer of their choice. I even done a layout for the users amonst our two factories to make it easier for them to select the relevant printer. I just can't get any links to launch.

Would appreaciate any input apart from write a script