...due to high temps, or so it seems.

While playing Minecraft, I noticed temps going around 70-73C! Once I shut that or other games down, it idles around 20-30c. My wild guess is, it should not run this hot.

The BIOS settings are default, the heatsink is stock, and nothing is over-clocked or tweaked.

AMD FX 6100
MSI 870A-g554
American Megatrends v 17.17 BIOS last update Jasn 13, 2012
Radeon HD 5770

From looking inside my case, it does not appear anything is obstructing the fans, but it does seem like the components are somewhat crammed because of the massive size of the video card.

I went ahead, and cleaned the heatsinks, fans and other components with canned air, and it did get rid of some dust bunnies, but did little to cool things down. At those temps, it is doubtful a few dust bunnies it would get that hot, but then again, I have seen a few dead systems from the lack of cleaning.

Ideas would be nice.