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    Pwl file for win3.11 Workgroup HELP!

    I need urgent help with pwl file for an old computer that controls electrical pulse in our lab. I tried to copy the pwl file from windows directory and manage to work but the problem is that the device connected to the computer needs the same password to run. When I put the pwl file back it logged me off that device and I can not connect with it again. I have the pwl file with me and I am in desperate need of help to open that file and get the password for admin loggin. Even if I reinstall the windows I still need that password. Can anyone help please

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    Get into the original 3.11 box and go to the C:\windows\system directory

    Open the PROGRAM.INI file

    Remove any Restrictions Commands from the [Resctrictions] Section, ie:

    NoSaveSettings=1 (text) <- remove
    EditLevel=4 (text) <- remove

    This will tell windows not to prompt for passwords

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    Thanks dinowuff
    I will try that and I will let you know. You think if I did that the software of the device will not ask for password to activate the hardware?
    Thank you again

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    Hi there whiteshadow

    You said:

    Even if I reinstall the windows I still need that password.
    Does that mean that you have already re-installed Windows 3.11? because if you have, then you have reset the password in Windows.

    I think that the issue is with the equipment itself, as it seems to store a password or recognition code?

    You need to re-set up the equipment with the computer so that it's password is synchronised?

    Basically, your lab equipment is no longer recognising the computer as its controller, and this recognition code is within the equipment, rather than the computer.

    I might be able to help more if I knew the make and model number of the laboratory equipment, but it is 20 years since I worked with laboratory equipment control ..............I guess that was Windows 3.11 for workgroups?


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